Marqus Moye ’16 Interns At Commerce Bank of Kansas City


Marqus Moye ’16

By Amelia Hanzlick – While some internships can mean making coffee and doing busywork, this past summer, junior accounting and psychology major Marqus Moye had the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in accounting at the Kansas City branch of Commerce Bank. Mr. Moye spent much of his time preparing information sheets, or spreads, for loan officers at the bank, among numerous other experiences. These spreads indicated whether or not a client could be approved for a loan. Many of the clients that Mr. Moye prepared spreads for were commercial clients applying for substantial loans for projects.

Mr. Moye, along with seventeen interns from across the country, including his fellow loan intern from Harvard, were privy to unique experiences such as lunch and learns, going to important meetings such as the Senior Loan Committee meeting, and meeting management from various departments in Commerce Bank. Lunch and learns for Mr. Moye, were important as he was able to learn about the various departments of the bank over lunch. Mr. Moye was assigned to loans, but he learned about the other departments from managers. He plans on applying to Commerce again for next summer in hopes of gaining experience in a different area of the bank.

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