Jewell Business Hosts Chinese MBA Students

Kelli Schutte-2-smallThis past month the Department of Business and Leadership hosted a group of Chinese MBA students from Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China. It was a great experience that allowed our visitors and our current Jewell students to engage with executives at the Kansas City Chiefs, VML and Walmart. Additionally, they toured the Harley-Davidson manufacturing plant, visited a number of entrepreneurial start-ups and engaged in case discussions with Jewell faculty and students. This cross-cultural experience is exactly what Jewell is all about. As we visited the different organizations we began to see things from multiple perspectives and gain respect for our colleagues who had different experiences that allowed for a lens that is unique from ours. These vantage points led to engaging conversations that crossed over the language and geographical barriers. With the help of a translator and shared experiences we were able to further develop business leaders both here and abroad. It was truly a liberal arts experience and in tune with the vision and mission of our department.

Sincerely, Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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