Bookstore Convenient, On-Campus Spot For All Things Jewell

PennantBy Kelsi Ortega – New Jewell Bookstore manager Ken Reynolds and his staff are working hard to break down common misperceptions as they concentrate on providing exceptional selection, service and competitive prices to students, faculty, staff and alumni. Mr. Reynolds joined Barnes and Noble College three years ago and came to the WJC campus store in 2014.

BarnesNobleFor the past six years, William Jewell has partnered with Barnes and Noble College (BNC) for their bookstore needs. There are multiple advantages for the collegel to partner with Barnes and Noble College. Not only does Jewell get a guaranteed percentage of the gross profit, but the bookstore also provides a central location for students and faculty to buy books, school supplies, clothing, and electronics. Barnes and Noble College has a huge infrastructure for textbooks. This infrastructure allows the store to provide used books for students, which effectively lowers the prices for students. Not only does BNC have the necessary connections for providing textbooks, but BNC also has partnerships with clothing lines such as Nike and UnderArmour, which provide the Jewell community with high quality, Jewell-branded apparel.

Within the past year, BNC has completed a restructuring that has resulted in the more competitive pricing with online textbook sources. This is good news for students because they are able to get books directly from the school rather than ordering online and waiting for them to ship. Not only are students receiving lower prices, but the Jewell Bookstore has also expanded their electronic selection to work with the new Jewell iPad initiative.

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