Students Use Journey Grants To Study SF 49ers Marketing

San Francisco 49ers Levi's Stadium

San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium

By Ben Shinogle – Amidst the litany of Journey Grant opportunities Jewell students have available is a unique experience curated by Professor of Marketing Shelly McVay. The six-day trip scheduled for fall 2014 will allow students to explore the San Francisco 49ers operation and study the organization’s marketing strategies and the resulting interactions between the team and its audiences. The opportunity will take place from October first through sixth of next fall, and coincide with the Kansas City Chiefs game against the 49ers.

The programming for the trip is varied and parallels the content of Jewell’s business classes. Students will enjoy an extended interaction with the General Manager, the Vice President of Marketing, and the Vice President of Development for the team. These experiences are designed to help students see the bigger picture of potential careers in business and to apply the principles of marketing, business strategy, entrepreneurship, and economics in the fullest articulation of their success. The example of teamwork, collaboration, and business principles is intended to contextualize the concepts discussed in Jewell’s Business Strategy and Policy, Marketing, and of course Sports Management and Marketing curriculums. Says Professor McVay, “This opportunity will serve as the stepping off point for those students interested in a Sports Marketing Major.”

Professor Shelly McVay leads the 49ers trip.

Professor Shelly McVay leads the 49ers trip.

These foci will be addressed with a series of talking points that will serve as themes for the duration of the week. Among these is a discussion of the purpose of sports programs; as a canvass for a variety of entertainment experiences or the event itself. A trip to Levi’s Stadium will serve as the foundation for discussion of the pros and cons of private and public funding for sports venues and the implications for the 49ers’ brand development. In addition, students will study the analysis of the team’s promotion techniques, specifically how they utilize advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and publicity to inform their target audiences and drive traffic. Complimenting this will be a discussion of the interaction between the team and general community via its marketing infrastructure: the manner the team invokes the four marketing principles—product, price, place, and promotion—in its aim. The confluence of promotion and marketing will launch discussion of the team’s impact on groups outside their target market, discovering the various ways the 49ers influence San Francisco and its culture outside the context of competition. These considerations will take place within the context of San Francisco’s most notable spaces and cultural landmarks, serving the extra purpose of offering plenty of fun activities for those involved.

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