Students Learn From Leaders During “BizTime” Coffees

coffee cupSpring Semester 2014 marked the third series of Department of Business and Leadership Monday morning BizTime Coffees featuring coffee and conversation with noted leaders in the fields of business, economics, accounting, leadership and entrepreneurship.  Each Monday, students gather in The IDEA X-Change in Jewell Hall to network, share their experiences and build a rich and connected community.

Shannon Oleen '04, Prof. Speaker

Shannon Oleen ’04, Prof. Speaker

Gary Bussing, Investments

Gary Bussing, Investments

Dr. Bill McCollum, U.S. Army CGSC

Dr. Bill McCollum, U.S. Army CGSC

Russ Cline, RCA Group, Inc.

Russ Cline, RCA Group, Inc.






Spring guests included professional speaker and Jewell alumna Shannon Oleen, investment professional Gary Bussing, Renee’ Holmes, Managing Director of Client Service at VML, Inc., Dr. David Sallee, President of William Jewell College, Tom Laming, Senior VP and Lead Portfolio Manager, Scout Investments, Phil Hatterman, President, The Corkscrew Agency, Jalene Farinacci of Cerner Corporation (WJC grad), Tom Farinacci, Frito-Lay (WJC grad), Dr. Bill McCollum, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Dave Raden, Capitus Group and Russ Cline, President of the RCA Group (WJC grad and member of Board of Trustees).

Monday Coffees are held from 10:15 to 11:10 a.m. in The IDEA X-Change (Jewell Hall Room 103) and are open to all students and alumni. The program, which was launched in spring 2013, is led by Executive In Residence Don Huntington and student ambassadors.

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