Professor Cory Scheer Named Dean of Admissions

Cory Scheer, Dean of Admissions

Cory Scheer, Dean of Admissions

By Carter Quirk – The constant stream of students in and out of classrooms, the cafeteria, and the new Pryor Learning Commons can occasionally go unnoticed. This steady flow seems to have the usual hustle and bustle of any college campus, but throughout the years there is always consistent change, change that drives and culminates in the character and personality of William Jewell as a whole. The student faces that are in this cyclical drift change yearly and are the most dramatic, yet rarely discussed matter on campus. The journey of freshmen to seniors is an incredibly symbolic transformation of the self; the identification and recruiting of those promising, young freshmen are crucial components of the success of William Jewell itself and our community as a whole.

The inner workings of this fundamental process in the academic system are simply labeled,  “Office of Admissions”. The Office of Admissions is always at work — advertising, searching, and creating new ways to increase prospective student interest. The captain of this department, The Dean of Admissions, is the principal organizer and primary representative of the College in the eyes of prospective students. He insures that a steady current of new students continues to flow and flourish.

On May 15, William Jewell College named Cory Scheer as the new Dean of Admissions, following his position as Assistant Professor of Non-Profit Leadership and Business at the College. He was urged by senior college leaders to consider the position due to his previous experience in sales and marketing as well as his success in the classroom. His qualifications and well-respected character have been noted by both students and professors alike and will undoubtedly lead to positive change.

Scheer believes that the aim of the department should be to “achieve our recruitment goals by utilizing an exceptional and sophisticated recruiting and admission process that truly communicates the value and values of Jewell.”

Scheer hopes to incorporate a number of new and creative components that will appeal to both prospective students and other college constituencies. By increasing social media involvement and adding a new digital media manager to staff, the College will connect on a more technologically advanced stage. An early initiative to launch in fall 2014 will be the development of an iBook for all admissions counselors to assist them with organization and interpretation of relevant data concerning academic and core-curriculum programs. This iBook will enable counselors with up-to-date program information and enhance students’ understanding of the enrollment process.

Scheer believes the opportunities presented by Jewell such as outstanding faculty, small class size, internships, technological advancements, Journey Grants and proximity to the Kansas City metro help set it apart from competing institutions. Another distinguishing characteristic of William Jewell, according to Scheer, is its authentic commitment to providing superior experiences, encouragement and support as students pursue their college education. A steady and growing stream of outstanding new students will serve as the lifeblood of the institution that has been committed to excellence since its founding in 1849.

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