Productive Year For Creativity and Innovation Program

TECH Club Presentation in IDEA X-Change.

TECH Club Presentation in IDEA X-Change.

By Dakkota Huber – The 2013-2014 academic year at Jewell welcomed the launch of the new Creativity and Innovation Program directed by Professor Landon Young and made possible with the aid of a $500,000 grant from the Ewing Marion Kaufman Foundation. A large number of students and faculty members are participating. Over 200 students have visited the Idea X-Change located in Jewell Hall, and the program has thus far produced 15 student ventures (2 with sales exceeding $10,000), 5 minority ventures, the creation of 8 technology products, and 5 student internships and entrepreneurial grants. Faculty has also had the opportunity to participate with the awarding of eight grants from the Creativity and Innovation initiative.

Recently Jewell hosted thinkBIG Partners’ Pitch Camp, an event designed to take a startup’s pitch to the next level. Students learned effective techniques and practiced “pitching” their ideas for startup companies and new products.

Arduino Microcontroller used by TECH Club.

Arduino Microcontroller used by TECH Club.

An outgrowth of theCreativity and Innovation Program has been the development of the TECH Club (Teaching Everyone Coding & Hardware) in which students learn the hardware, software and coding skills necessary for the creation of applications and webpages, allowing them to make their ideas reality. The program has already seen the creation of two mobile applications.

According to Professor Young, there is exciting and growing enthusiasm campus-wide among students and faculty for the Creativity and Innovation Program and the potential it represents.

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