Nonprofit Leadership Association Manages Change

Pryor Center LogoBy Evan Jones – The WJC Nonprofit Leadership Association, an organization of students of all majors, lifestyles, and interests that come together to serve the community and become active leaders in the nonprofit sector, is managing many leadership and program changes for the coming year.

Current faculty advisor Cory Scheer is stepping away from his advisory role in the organization to assume his new responsibilities as Dean of Admissions.  Professor Scheer has stressed that his departure provides a valuable opportunity to learn and strengthen skills for dealing with change in management and leadership. A new faculty advisor is expected to be named prior to the start of the fall semester.

With the graduation of several Association officers this spring, an early task of the group next fall will be the election of new officers including the newly-created position of Association secretary. Current president Zane Clark is enthusiastic about the group’s future prospects. Clark said, “This past semester we added a secretary position to assist with documentation and developing a more technology-savvy organization.  Our intention is to move into many of the social media realms and develop a more regimented, pre-scripted system.  In addressing the importance of stewardship, we will be increasingly applying management skills to volunteerism.  We see NLA as a core group of students who are the nonprofit managers for the campus.”

Junior Mary Luber echos Clark’s enthusiasm. Said Luber, “I am excited for the potential of creating partnerships with both Liberty and metro area nonprofits as well as with campus organizations.  There is a great deal of potential for collaboration with Greek organizations that support specific philanthropies and with other campus groups such as Rotoract.”

The NLA Fundraising and Special Events Committee is hard at work perfecting their fundraising techniques, implementing ideas that the association as a whole is creating and developing the skills and confidence needed to make successful fundraising pitches.  The “Hunger Banquet” fundraiser is being enhanced with a collateral concept called “A Day Without” in which participants will be encouraged to forego something they might usually consume and, instead, donate the value to people in need.

The changes at NLA are expected to lead to increasing opportunities for leadership development on the Jewell campus and in the surrounding community.  Students interested in learning more about NLA should contact Zane Clark. The Association meets every Tuesday in the Pryor Center from 11:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m

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