Jewell’s Kate McFerren Awarded AAF Scholarship

Kate McFerren, AAF-KC Scholarship Recipient

Kate McFerren, AAF-KC Scholarship Recipient

The American Advertising Federation of Kansas City awards scholarships every year to high achieving students in the Kansas City area who show an intense and earnest passion to empower themselves with knowledge of the advertising, communications, marketing or graphic arts industries. In addition to supplying a year of financial support, the scholarship also includes: a one-year support and counsel of a professional mentor from AAF-KC, a one-year membership to AAF-KC, free access to all regular program activities of AAF-KC, and membership to the American Advertising Federation. The board of AAF-KC officers selected scholarship recipients. The recipients were evaluated on the basis of GPA, resume and performance during an in-person interview.

One of this year’s recipients included William Jewell College Junior, Kate McFerren. McFerren is majoring in a self-created major called Digital Communication and Marketing and hopes to work post-graduation in marketing or post video production. Currently, she holds positions in both the Department of Advancement and the Department of Admission creating videos. There is a high likelihood you will see her shooting video at most of the events on campus.

Kate describes herself as feeling “unbelievably honored” to receive this scholarship and credits her career mentor, Marianne Gjerstad of VML, Inc., because of the huge amount of guidance and advice she received from Gjerstad. Ms. Gjerstad is Social Media Strategist and Channel Manager at VML,  and also a member of AAF-KC,  and President of Ad2, a club providing networking opportunities for AAF-KC members under the age of 32. Gjerstad informed McFerren about the scholarship and encouraged her to apply.

McFerren is currently on schedule to graduate from Jewell in three years. This high achiever also plans to complete an Honors Project before she graduates consisting of a guided tour through Europe with a program called EF College Break. During the tour she will capture video and photo media in order to create video and print marketing materials promoting study abroad and Journey Grant opportunities for the College’s Office of Admissions.

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