Faculty Profile – Dr. Kelli Schutte

Schutte 2010By Megan Brake – Professor Kelli Schutte, Ph.D., has been a Business professor at Jewell for nearly a decade. She holds an economics degree from Calvin College, a Masters Degree in Finance from Western Michigan University and a Ph.D. in Labor Relations from Michigan State University.

Prior to joining the William Jewell faculty in 2004, Dr. Schutte served as a commercial bank lending officer and professor at her alma mater, Calvin College.  In January 2009, she was appointed Chair of the William Jewell Department of Business and Leadership and continues in that role today.

During her tenure at WJC, Dr. Schutte has designed and taught numerous business courses, has served on the Even Better Task Force, led the college’s creativity and innovation initiative, worked with Entrepreneurial Society to enhance entrepreneurship on campus and is part of the leadership team developing Jewellverse for the 2014-15 academic year.

Dr. Schutte is continually focused on the ongoing improvement of the student experience throughout their Jewell education.  Under her leadership, the Department of Business Schutte is emphasizing increased hands-on, experiential components to the curriculum, including the new Innovation Program involving enhanced creativity and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Schutte and her husband are actively engaged foster parents, and she has done significant research aimed at identifying and creating opportunities for foster children in the work force.  A main focus is educating companies to help foster children transition successfully into a work place.

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