Professor Makes Every Mile Matter


Professor Cory Scheer

By Emily Scott – Cory Scheer, Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership and Business, had been training for seven months in preparation for a full Ironman when his training took a quick turn in July of 2013. Less than a mile from home, he was struck by a motorist and sustained significant injuries including hairline fractures to the spine, a concussion despite wearing a properly fitted helmet, various contusions, and multiple lacerations to his back, hip, arms, face, and ear that resulted in 300 stitches. While being loaded into the ambulance he remembers thinking how quickly life can change and how desperate he was for the basic needs of life.

In just two days Professor Scheer left the hospital thanks to amazing medical personnel and the support of his friends and family. Having made the decision to never again bike competitively, he was determined to make a comeback through his running pursuits.

Marathon LogoInspired by his miraculous recovery, he created the Basic Needs Marathon Challenge to raise awareness and funding in support of charities dealing with the 5 basic needs: water, food, shelter, education, and love. During the Challenge, Scheer will compete in 12 marathons in 12 months. At this writing he has completed the Kansas City and St. Louis Marathons in October and the K.C. Gobbler Grind in November. Next up is the Run For The Ranch Marathon December 28 in Springfield Missouri.

Basic Needs Virtual 5K LogoIn addition to the Basic Needs Marathon Challenge, Scheer is also hosting the Basic Needs Virtual 5K for those interested in helping others through running. In the Virtual 5K, participants choose the route they wish to run and the charity they wish to support. One hundred percent of contributions go to the runner’s charity of choice.

The Basic Needs Virtual 5K will take place on April 13, 2014. On this day, runners in different time zones, on different courses, at different times, will be joining with Professor Scheer to “make every mile matter”.

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