Students Use Journey Grants To Broaden Experience

jg_logo11By Evan Jones – Jewell’s new Journey Grant is a distinctive experience providing the freedom and funding to truly make the college experience one-of-a-kind. Transformative experiences, academic pursuits and self-discovery embody the Jewell Journey promised to every student.

A Journey Grant encourages exploration, discovery, adventure and change. Students who entered William Jewell College in the fall of 2010 or later may apply for a self-designed grant such as a research project, study-away experience, entrepreneurial opportunity, internship, civic engagement initiative or service. The standard Journey Grant is $2,000, with the opportunity for additional funds awarded on a competitive basis to support great proposals.

A popular use of the Journey Grant is for travel. Whether going abroad or within the U.S., many students are interested in experiencing more of the world.

Journey Grant Kenya 3A group of nursing students recently used the grant to study in Kenya for two weeks. Senior Kelsey Slater said that the benefits of her experience were enormous and have made her a better nurse and more culturally sensitive. Nursing student Jeremiah Sawdon added that such an experience is more than just nursing specific but that it “makes you realize how much more there is than just the liberty area, or Missouri, or the USA in general.  It makes you realize how much of the world we can reach out to and actually have an impact on.”

Executive In Residence and Business Professor Don Huntington is among the enthusiastic faculty who have created a unique experience for students who may be unsure about how to use the Journey Grant opportunity. He has planned an experience structured as a loscabbusiness retreat.  Named Jewell in the Desert, this upcoming January trip to Rancho de los Caballeros in the the upper Sonoran Desert northwest of Phoenix, Arizona will be the first of its kind.  With five days and four nights of horseback riding, nature hikes, visits to museums and galleries and tours of historic and natural sites, the group will observe the local ecology, experience the western equestrian lifestyle and culture, and engage in team building and business discussions.

Besides traveling the country or the world, students are using Journey Grants to defray expenses incurred when completing internships and have collaborated and combined Journey Grants to create startups or to fund other business ventures.

Across the College, Journey Grant participants are involved in civic engagement, academic enrichment, leadership and professional development, and growth as well-rounded and cultured members of society.  The Journey Grant is yet another way William Jewell College is innovating the college experience and producing graduates who are unique and qualified forces in their communities.

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