Working With The Best – Tom Farinacci ’11

Tom Farinacci 2011.

Tom Farinacci 2011.

By Kelsi Ortega – In 2011, Tom Farinacci graduated from William Jewell College. Armed with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Leadership, Farinacci began his career with Frito-Lay as a District Sales Associate.

While Farinacci was still attending classes at Jewell, Frito-Lay approached him with a job opportunity. He was intrigued with many different aspects of the company. As Farinacci put it, “Not only does Frito-Lay constantly operate in a team environment, but they are also at the top of their industry. I constantly strive to be the best that I can be, so it was important for me to work for a company considered to be the best in their industry.”

It’s no wonder that Frito-Lay recruited Farinacci with that attitude when their website states, “Frito-Lay’s success is directly related to our employees’ constant focus on results, growth, and innovation. It’s the talented, motivated members of our team who ensure that we continue to lead the industry and set the pace.”frito-lay-logo

Farinacci is currently a District Sales Manager with Frito-Lay. When asked what his favorite thing about his job was he stated, “It’s a different thing every day. Management is not only trying to manage customers and sales, but also the sales teams. It keeps me on my toes. Every day is a different challenge and it keeps me interested and working hard.”

Farinacci’s strong work drive was not the only thing that helped prepare him for his job. When asked about his experiences at Jewell and what advice he has for students that will soon be entering the workforce, he said, “Be involved and test your limits. College is your safe place and a great time to find out how much you are able to handle. Get involved with sports, Greek life, different classes that aren’t in your major. It not only looks good on your resume, but it is also a good gut check to know if you are able to handle it or can take on more responsibilities. It’s important to begin learning that while you are still in college.”

The last advice Farinacci had for Jewell students was about how to be successful in work. “I am finding there are three keys to being successful in a career: Prioritize, network and set goals. Prioritizing helps keep the little day-to-day stuff from dragging you down. There is always going to be more work for you to do and knowing what has to get done first keeps tasks manageable. Be sure to network. Not just with the employees above you, but also below you and laterally. Last, be sure to have goals. Whether big or small, having goals helps keep you on track, not only with the company, but also on a personal level. Knowing your goals will help to make sure you are keeping on task and working towards them every day.”

Farinacci’s strong work ethic didn’t stop after leaving Jewell. He is currently getting his Masters in Business Administration. Frito-Lay’s commitment to their employee’s education through a tuition reimbursement program allows Farinacci to continue to grow both through his education and his work. 

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  1. He set the pace at the Lolich berry barn and farm. He was the leader of the team. He improved our operation in every area and we were already known as The Farm in OREGON when he started. His work ethic amazed me. His smile and honesty simply delighted me. Our customers loved him. He walks the walk. From the man who has seen it all with thirty eight years with the Campbell Sales Company and thirty six as owner of the Lolich Family Farm; Tom is the best that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Frank Lolich Jr.

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