Business Student Athlete Interns With Orthopedic Device Distributor

Peter Nechvatal

Peter Nechvatal

By Josiah Stegner – Business student Peter Nechvatal (2013) is currently interning at Evans Medical Distribution, a leading provider of orthopedic extremity implants in the Midwest. The company focuses on lower extremity medical devices such as plates, screws, compression staples, and implants designed to repair joint and foot fractures.

Nechvatal is majoring in Science & Technology Management with an emphasis in Biology. His Jewell education is preparing him for a valuable career path combining business and marketing knowledge, with biology and anatomy.

As Nechvatal explained, “A representative in the medical device field must interact and communicate with surgeons and other medical personnel.  He must have deep technical knowledge and an understanding of the issues of concern to the physician performing the procedure.  One very engaging aspect of the job is being present with the medical team during surgeries and operations.”

Nechvatal highly recommended the William Jewell Career Mentor Program. His career mentor, Shannon Oleen, is a William Jewell College alumnus who connected him with the internship at Evans. He described the internship as meeting a lot of different people, and constantly moving throughout the Kansas City area from surgery centers to hospitals.

Nechvatal also was a two-year captain of the William Jewell College men’s soccer team, and hopes to someday coach a youth team.

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