Officers From Command And General Staff College Discuss Leadership With Students

Dr. Bill McCollum (l) and Colonel Matt Bonnot (r) with Jewell Executive In Residence Don Huntington.

By Haley Jean Jones – The Department of Business and Leadership is dedicated to offering challenging courses that prepare students for their journeys beyond college.  Seminar in Business (BUS 451) is an outstanding example of the excellent preparatory courses offered at Jewell.

Led by Executive In Residence Donald M. Huntington, high-achieving junior and senior students investigate the roles of economic freedom, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership in today’s business environment.  Throughout the course, students investigate and actively research relevant topics, participate in invigorating roundtable discussions, and deliver multiple presentations related to current topics.

To bridge the gap between classroom and real world business practice, distinguished practitioners from the professional community are invited to the classroom to share their experiences and knowledge in engaging discussions with students.  In late November the class welcomed Dr. Bill McCollum, Professor of Leadership Studies at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and fellow faculty member Colonel Matt Bonnot, USMC.

During the seminar, the senior officers discussed their experiences in military leadership.  In panel format, Dr. McCollum and Colonel Bonnot addressed student questions concerning the differences between direct level leadership and organizational level leadership within the military, as well as the oft-debated topic of whether leadership is a learned practice or an inherited trait.  Students pressed the officers for insights into the development of the qualities of effective leadership and collaboration.

By engaging students with over a dozen prominent guests during the semester, the course helps deliver on the Department promise of “learning from the best”.

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