Senior Paula Peterson Interns with New York Fashion Designer

By Megan Brake – This past summer, senior Paula Peterson landed an internship in New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world, where she spent four weeks working with local designer Morgan Carper.

Ms. Carper owns a studio where she creates and designs high-end contemporary pieces.  Her studio is located in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, where Paula spent most of her time working.  Her internship included many tasks that were vital to the production of the Morgan Carper fall line. She worked with designs, patterns, alterations, finishing garments, and the work-intensive process of organizing shipments for each local boutique.

While the fall fashion scene is wrapping up, another season is quickly approaching.  The 2013 spring line was already being designed while Paula was in New York.  She spent time not only at the Morgan Carper studio, but also in the fashion district of Manhattan visiting fabric vendors, factories, and publicists.

For as long as she can remember, Paula has been interested in fashion.  Growing up, she and her mom would spend hours sewing clothes for Paula to wear.  She also possessed a passion for drawing and used it to create many of the garments she sewed, including her senior prom dress.

Paula will graduate in May 2013 with a degree in business administration, applied critical thought and inquiry (ACT-In), and aesthetic textile design.  Upon graduation she aspires to apply her creativity and love of design in the fashion industry.

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