Junior Steven Schultz Reflects on Summer Internship at United Benefit

Business and Accounting Major Steven Schultz.

By Chelsea Coleman – The summer of 2012 brought many opportunities for William Jewell students to expand their horizons with internships across the nation. However, junior business and accounting major Steven Schultz found a unique internship right in Kansas City. Schultz interned with United Benefit Group, a company that handles co-op retirement plans for over 400 co-ops throughout the Midwest. Schultz found the internship through Jewell’s Career Services. He explained, “I saw an e-mail from Career Services, and I thought it could be a good summer job. So I applied for it and got an e-mail back saying they were reviewing applications before getting a call for an interview.”

Schultz’s advisor at United Benefit Group and Jewell alumnus Brett Dorsel shared how Jewell’s relationship with the company gave Schultz’s application added appeal.  Mr. Dorsel said, “We looked to students from William Jewell College due to relationships we have with staff members and the proximity of our office to the college.  Most importantly we hoped that the Liberal Arts education provided by William Jewell would offer candidates who could step into the varied roles that our business requires.” Schultz was with the company for a total of three months, including being asked to extend his internship an extra month until the school year began.

Schultz’s daily tasks at United Benefits Group were the same tasks as the full time employees. “I handled the front desk much like a secretary for a while. I did some work on the audit books and I also handled their lost persons account,” Schultz said.  The lost person account was one of Schultz’s favorite responsibilities during the internship. He explained, “When someone passes away that has a retirement account you have to find their beneficiary, so I had access to the search engines that the FBI and police forces use to find the beneficiaries. The lost persons account was like putting a puzzle together.”

In addition to his daily office work, Schultz was also instrumental in bringing the company up to speed in the digital world. Among other things, Schultz converted their quarterly committee meeting records from printed notebooks to PDF versions of the notebooks that can be viewed using the Adobe Reader application.

Schultz concluded, “It was an excellent work and learning experience in a very professional and friendly environment.” Mr. Dorsel said United Benefit Group was also pleased with the association with Jewell. “All of the William Jewell candidates exemplified the skill sets that were required. We were very satisfied with our selection and hope to continue our relationship with William Jewell.”

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