Accounting Professor Stephen Hawkins Brings Real World Experience and Application

By Benjamin Plank – This fall the Department of Business and Leadership welcomed Adjunct Professor Stephen Hawkins to our distinguished faculty. Professor Hawkins is no stranger to William Jewell College, as his wife, Dr. Jean Hawkins, has served on the faculty for the past thirty-seven years. Throughout his career in professional accounting, Mr. Hawkins has always enjoyed teaching due to a love of working with younger professionals. His many years in accounting allow him to draw upon a wealth of knowledge in the classroom and give students accurate real world examples in a variety of situations.

Upon graduation from Emporia State University, Hawkins joined the Kansas City division of KPMG, one of the world’s largest accounting firms.  After twelve years in public accounting he became a controller, working for three different companies over the next six years. In 1989 Hawkins attended law school at UMKC.

After earning a law degree, Hawkins went back into the accounting field, working for the FDIC as a part of the Resolution Trust Corporation and then another stint at KPMG. In his spare time he served as a councilman for the city of Liberty from 1981-1997 and in ’97 he was elected mayor of Liberty where he served until 2005.

When asked what he enjoyed most about being an accountant, Hawkins responded, “I think I’m pretty good at it, and it is enjoyable to do something people value. I like what I do because I am appreciated.”  Professor Hawkins is certainly appreciated by his students and colleagues here on the Hill.

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