Welcome to the Summer Edition of Jewell Business Today

The end of the academic year brings the opportunity for conversations with students about their plans after graduation; in essence we have the privilege to talk with them about their dreams and goals.  They are excited to take what they have learned at Jewell and use it in the “real world”.   These dreams are filled with wonderful careers, upcoming nuptials and burgeoning independence.  The thread that inspires us in our mission to provide the Jewell education is that the conversations are permeated with a desire to create positive change and improvement in the world in which they are engaging.  These students think creatively, are eager to tackle the challenges ahead, and are determined to come up with effective, holistic solutions.  We are proud and excited to graduate the class of 2012.  It is a group that takes their role as citizen seriously as they venture optimistically into a world of opportunity and change.

Dr. Kelli J. SchutteChair of The Department of Business and Leadership

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