Senior Business Student Helps Organize First-Ever Jesse James Wine Fest

June 9, 3-9 pm, Jesse James Park, Kearney, MO

By Sarah Horn – When Hollie Rankin, a senior business administration major with a minor in marketing and entrepreneurial leadership, was approached by the President of the Kearney Lions Club (soon to be her father-in-law), Ed Williams, to help with the first ever Jesse James Wine Fest in Kearney, MO, her love for wine, the community, and marketing/organizing special events made her commitment a given.

The Wine Fest is presented by the Kearney Lions Club, an organization engaged in humanitarian and community projects such as donating eye-glasses to the SightFirst program, donating hearing aids, and giving scholarships; they have even donated a seeing-eye-dog to one in need.

The Wine Fest features wineries and vineyards from across Missouri, artisans from Art on the Hill, a barrel making demonstration, wine tasting, wine pairing lessons and live music by the Overtones. Guests are also encouraged to follow the wine trail, enter the silent auction, and purchase a collector wine glass.

Hollie has been assisting with the organization and marketing of the event. She has attended numerous meetings with the Kearney Lions Club Wine Fest Committee and has specifically been involved with advertising to wineries and vineyards as potential vendors and to the public as visitors. She has also been engaged in recruiting sponsors for the event.

Hollie says that Jewell has provided her with tremendous opportunities to directly interact with professionals in the business community. Through these opportunities she has gained valuable experience in both marketing and organizational aspects of business. The Department of Business and Leadership has an emphasis on experiential learning, and she said that her involvement with Wine Fest has been an extension of that. She is grateful for the opportunity to help the Kearney Lions and offer input with this first event.

To learn more about the Wine Fest or the Kearney Lions organization , visit:

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