Welcome to the Spring Edition of Jewell Business Today

In Jewell’s Department of Business and Leadership we have stressed key strategic initiatives that build on our strengths and inspire us to venture beyond the traditional business education model. We believe this better prepares graduates for the competitive and complex global business environment. Emphasis on strong foundational knowledge — to equip our students with the tools they need to succeed — is coupled with  exposure to leadership in the greater Kansas City business community.  In the classroom, through internships and in public lectures, William Jewell business students connect knowledge base with the ideas, vision and strategies of the business world at their door.

Experience-based learning, then, is at the heart of our strategic vision, an initiative that we are embedding throughout our curriculum. Research tells us that an experiential, hands-on education is a very effective method of teaching for this generation. Employers tell us they place a premium on job candidates who have experience that shortens their learning curve, enables them to assume a greater level of responsibility earlier, and allows them to contribute to the company from their first day on the job.  At Jewell we are heeding both the research and feedback and are providing our students with a variety of experiential learning opportunities.  Please read about some of those in this newsletter and let us know what you think.  We are excited about what our amazing students are doing and we hope you are too!

Dr. Kelli J. Schutte, Chair of The Department of Business and Leadership

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1 Response to Welcome to the Spring Edition of Jewell Business Today

  1. Rich Delaney says:

    The experiential learning initiative is more important in today’s world than ever before. Organizations are very lean in their management structures and the more dynamic environments in which organizations function require employees to be not only well educated but strategic thinkers. Experiential learning provides that wide scope of perspectives on business issues that enable graduates to be highly valued. The employers I deal with are not interested in just hiring bodies but, rather, hiring future leaders of their organizations. This requires a breath of knowledge, excellent communication skills, and an ability to see opportunities beyond the obvious. The business education model at WJC provides students to not only master these skills but be catalists for positive change in our society.

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