Career Spotlight – Hallmark

Nancy Frazee '92

By Taylor Brown –Jewell alumna Nancy Frazee ’92, Director of Internal Audit for Hallmark Cards, Inc. is an active WJC alumni volunteer.  Since joining Hallmark in 2008, Ms. Frazee has been active in Hallmark’s community engagement including nurturing the connection between the company and William Jewell.

There are currently 120 William Jewell College graduates pursuing their careers at Hallmark, including many who are employed at the Hallmark Distribution Center located less than five miles from the College.  According to Ms. Frazee, “It is Jewell’s reputation as a high quality educational institution which plays the primary role in the opportunities available to its graduates at Hallmark and elsewhere.”  Both the Department of Business and Leadership and the Office of Career Services play active roles in developing employer relationships and career opportunities for Jewell students and graduates.

As Hallmark recruits and employs interns, their intention is to help the intern develop into a high-potential long-term employee.  “It is a great way for students to both test Hallmark as a prospective future employer and to earn the chance to secure a job that will be waiting for them upon graduation”, said Ms. Frazee.  Hallmark hires many of their interns during the fall.  Therefore, it is important for students to apply immediately when positions are posted by the Office of Career Services near the end of August.  Students and graduates interested in full-time employment at Hallmark can apply and upload a resume anytime at

In an extremely competitive employment environment, Ms. Frazee advises it is important for new graduates to differentiate themselves from other applicants. Internships provide the opportunity for students to explore different companies, workforces and working environments while helping students determine which career path they are most interested in.  She also recommends that students hone their skills and broaden their real-world experience by participating in extracurricular organizations and the WJC Career Mentor Program.

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