Senior Aindrea Early Experiences Business in Madrid

Aindrea Early '12

By Forrest McCurren – Aindrea Early, double International Business and Spanish major, has always had a sense of adventure.  For instance, upon her high school graduation, instead of going straight to college, she opted to take a year off and live in Mexico with a family that did not speak any English in a country she did not know.  The following fall, Early came to Jewell knowing an International Business major was for her.

Last year miss Early, now a senior, took the first step in learning what working in another country is like.  Through the study abroad organization, IES Abroad, she was able to land an internship in Madrid, Spain for the entirety of the 2009-2010 academic year.  The organization that employed Aindrea is called The Project Planning Department, a European think tank that funds grants and research projects for students.  Aindrea was responsible for making sure that all expense receipts matched up with the correct expenditures.  She gives credit to Jewell for preparing her for this task, “My accounting classes at Jewell helped me efficiently balance receipts and make sure that expenditures reconciled correctly”.

When asked about the international aspect of her workplace Aindrea responds with a smile, “I truly enjoyed working with people from different cultures.  I had co-workers from all over the world.  My boss was Colombian with German parents”.  This sort of environment helped Aindrea develop flexibility in the workplace as she experienced the different work ethics of people from different cultures.  For example, her Spanish counterparts were accustomed to three-hour lunches, whereas Aindrea prefers to work through lunch.

Now back on the Hill, Aindrea is looking to the future. Her options are wide, but wherever her career lands her, whether it is Mexico, Spain or Kansas City, Aindrea Early has the personality, experience and skill set to thrive.

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