Student Consulting Team Engages Sprint Project

During the months of August and September, students in Advanced Consulting Engagement initiated a project in cooperation with Sprint Nextel Corporation in which they are tasked with conducting research and developing strategies to introduce Sprint digital tablet devices to the college market.   A key focus of the research involves the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad 2 as used by students and faculty in higher education.  Additionally, the seven-student team led by Executive In Residence Don Huntington has been learning effective consulting practices, organizing, and planning roles and operational procedures.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Students in the course are equipped with Samsung Galaxy Tabs provided by Sprint and Samsung, and iPad 2 devices purchased with Digital Learning Grant funds.  During the first weeks of the fall semester the devices were loaned to the Jewell Nursing Department for use in their Digital Learning project, the results of which will be included in the Sprint research.

Consulting team students held their first meeting with Sprint product marketing executives Thursday, September 15 at WJC.  During this initial project briefing, the team discussed project parameters and the desired deliverables, gaining valuable first-person input from the client.

On October 4, the students traveled to Sprint World Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas to present the formal project scope recommendations, timeline, and consulting budget.  During the visit, Sprint executives Monika Panpaliya and Adeel Mankee gave the student team a tour of the campus and Sprint technology centers.  Sprint Vice President David Owens is the consulting project sponsor.

Cardinal Consulting Team members Hollie Rankin, Kat Long, Rachael Grass, Tyler Bullis, Ife Opakunle, Sarah Horn, Heather Walton.

Following approval of the project scope recommendations, the consulting team now begins the design and execution of relevant research from which pertinent findings will inform strategic insights and recommendations.  Students maintain contact and communication with the client through regular conference calls and weekly reporting.  A final presentation of findings and recommendations is scheduled for December 1.

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