Mr. Russ Cline Speaks To New Student Entrepreneurial Society

Mr. Russ Cline, Founder, RCA Group, Inc.

By Josiah Stegner Mr. Russ Cline, Founder of RCA Group, Inc., a sports and entertainment production and promotion company located in Prairie Village, Kansas, was the inaugural speaker at the September meeting of the newly-formed William Jewell College Entrepreneurial Society.  The Society, organized by Junior Business Major Troy Fletcher, is focused on encouraging collegiate entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and plans, principally through learning from experienced and successful entrepreneurial professionals.

“I believe a good rule of life is to learn from the best, and that’s what we are trying to do with the Entrepreneurial Society – invite the best entrepreneurs from the area business community to help teach us,” Fletcher said.

The Entrepreneurial Society plans to have 35 dedicated members from all disciplines, not just business majors, by the end of this year. Eventually, the organization may evolve into a broader Business Society with several additional areas of emphasis including accounting, investing and leadership. The Society also plans to partner with the Jewell chapter of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) on some future projects and hopes to attract a lot of crossover members from the nationally ranked Jewell SIFE team.

Fletcher currently plans to be an entrepreneur after graduate school and gaining some experience in the packaging industry. When asked what entrepreneurial ideas he is currently working on, he said, “I think there is a need for students to sell their furniture and other items at the end of the college year, and an online site to allow posting those products presents an interesting opportunity.”

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