From The Department Chair

Each fall there is one day that signals the start of something new and the opportunities that lie ahead.  It is a day when I balance emotions of incredible joy and responsibility in my role as a faculty member at William Jewell College.   It is the day I watch cars loaded with suitcases, computers, clothes and books arrive on campus with the next group of incoming students and the parents who are entrusting their son or daughter to our campus community.  This day always overwhelms me, and I use it as a plumb line to be sure that I am always doing what this campus was set up to do, meet the needs of the Jewell students by providing them with the best education possible that prepares them to be the next generation of business leaders.

This year the department of Business and Leadership has taken on creativity as our theme for the year with our tagline being “Business Creates.”  You will see, as you read through this newsletter, that our students and alumni are developing new ideas and becoming the conduits of change in the business world.

We know that the marketplace is changing and that means the demands on the workforce are changing as well.  We are constantly surveying the business world and assessing our curriculum to ensure that we are preparing our students to be employees who can thrive in a constantly changing environment.  One way we are doing this is to continue to infuse experiences into all aspects of our curriculum by developing partnerships with local incubators, working with new entrepreneurs and established businesses, providing internships in for-profit and not-for-profit arenas, and doing hands-on projects with our local business owners and community service organizations.  We are excited about this aspect of our curriculum and hear over and over again the benefits of these opportunities.

If you haven’t been back on campus in a long time I encourage you to come back and visit. It is a different, but familiar place. Drop us a note and let us know what is going on with you. Keep abreast of what is happening on the Hill, as it is a place you can be proud of!

Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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