Business Students Practice “Unbottling Creativity”

Steph Scupham and Phil Hatterman of The Corkscrew Agency

In September, students in Professor Don Huntington’s Business Seminar and Advanced Consulting Engagement courses participated in an innovative, 2-session workshop entitled “Unbottling Creativity”.  The workshop was presented and led by Kansas City based Corkscrew Agency principles Phil Hatterman and Steph Scupham.

During the invigorating and interactive sessions, students were challenged to seek and explore their individual creative styles while breaking free of stereotypes of creativity and other forces and habits of self-limitation.  They participated in numerous drills and exercises designed to expand their understanding of creativity, teach them how to develop their own creative instincts and apply innovative thinking to everyday experiences.

According to Mr. Hatterman and Ms. Scupham, “We are all creative and we are always creating.  But what we create does not always serve others or us.  Our workshops are designed to help people recognize their unique creative styles and then use and strengthen their creativity to help them build meaningful lives based on dreams, values and goals”.

Whether focusing on academic, personal or professional aspects of life, students learned how to be open to inspiration and willing to act.

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