Senior Business Majors Intern With Cerner Corporation

Jewell Seniors Jason Shore, Megan McConnell and Chad Kirkland.

By Tom Farinacci — It is no secret that William Jewell’s Department of Business and Leadership produces top-quality graduates year-after-year. One company tapping into this talent source is Cerner Corporation, a world leader in electronic medical systems. Cerner regularly employs Jewell Business students as both interns and full-time associates. Jason Shore, Chad Kirkland and Megan McConnell are three current students benefitting from both a William Jewell education and a position at Cerner.

Jason Shore, a senior majoring in business administration with a marketing emphasis and ActIn (Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry) with plans of graduating in May of 2011, has held an on-line marketing internship with Cerner since 2009. That internship has blossomed into a position as a Cerner Velocity Business Consultant awaiting him upon graduation. When asked how a Jewell education helped him in the working environment, Jason stated, “I think the liberal arts education allows you to look at problems differently. It gives you a broader educational base to work from. Jewell provides real-world experiences on projects with real clients, and prepares you for the challenges you will face on a daily basis in the workplace.”

Chad Kirkland, a senior majoring in business administration with a banking/finance emphasis, is also anticipating graduation in May 2011. Like Jason, Chad has secured a full-time position awaiting him upon graduation in the Cerner Velocity Program. The Velocity Program is an 11-week training program for new hires that Cerner uses to assess and place employees in future positions that will most benefit the company. Chad translated the importance of his Jewell experience as he looks forward to his future at Cerner. “Today’s business is lightning-fast and requires judgment and decision-making in situations that are often ambiguous. The workplace and marketplace are extremely diverse culturally and intellectually. My Jewell experience has helped me understand the importance of critical thinking and to anticipate the consequences of decisions. While few solutions are perfect, some have a greater likelihood of success.”

Megan McConnell, a junior triple majoring in business administration, Spanish and ActIn, held an internship with Cerner in the summer of 2010 and has obtained another internship with the company for the summer of 2011. Megan has this to say about her college experience: “Jewell taught me the fundamental business principles necessary to succeed in the business world, but more importantly, Jewell’s strenuous curriculum emphasizes the importance of true flexibility. As technologies constantly change, especially in healthcare information technology (HIT), it’s not what you know, but how you adapt. My experience with Cerner has been educational and rewarding. I am excited to return to Cerner this summer and I have Jewell to thank for this opportunity.”

Even in the current environment of economic uncertainty, the strongest companies, like Cerner Corporation, are still hiring. With thousands of students from colleges and universities across the country vying for these openings, Jewell continues to prove on a regular basis that its professors and curriculum are turning out students who are making the grade.

(If your company is interested in recruiting Jewell Business students, please contact Dr. Kelli Schutte, Department Chair.)

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1 Response to Senior Business Majors Intern With Cerner Corporation

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    I am actually interning at Cerner Corporation and have secured a full-time position among the Velocity Business Consultant program and will then work on the original team i started with, which is called ITWorks.

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