Congratulations To Our 2018 Graduates

“As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own.”            – Michael Dell

Welcome to the summer 2018 issue of Jewell Business Today!

As we say goodbye to the class of 2018 we know we are sending them into a world that is in a state of constant change. We know that they will take jobs in the future that don’t even exist right now. We know they will have new experiences, create new things and engage the world in ways we can’t even imagine. And we know they are prepared. We don’t educate with a road map at Jewell; rather we educate map-makers who create their own path. We focus on critical thinking. We calibrate our educational process to confront those changes head on so our alumni are prepared to map their own path.

So, to our alumni, new and old, and to our many other friends – create your routes and explore new territories. We are proud of you and excited to see where your adventures take you.

Please take a moment to catch up on the news and accomplishments within the Department of Business and Leadership in this issue of Jewell Business Today.


Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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Junior Canyon Mallory To Intern In Bogota

By Lindsey Jordan – Internships are a vital part of a student’s experience and many professionals will even say you need one on your resume to secure a job after graduation. Internships enable the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the working world that regular college classes cannot provide. Oftentimes internships can lead to a future career within the same organization.

Canyon Mallory, a junior at William Jewell College has a unique internship opportunity that, perhaps, will give him an edge compared to other candidates in the future. Canyon is currently at William Jewell majoring in Business Administration and also minoring in Spanish. He is a native of Olathe, Kansas where he attended Olathe North High School. Mallory is a member of the baseball team at Jewell where he is a pitcher for the Cardinals.

The summer internship secured by Mallory will take him to Bogotá, Colombia where he will be working for the company, Vigilant Solutions, at one of their satellite locations. Vigilant Solutions offers a software platform that many law enforcement agencies use worldwide. Their platform includes facial recognition and license plate recognition among many other capabilities.   South America isn’t as foreign to Canyon as it might be for others because of prior travel to Bolivia, as well as Honduras and Guatemala. However, Colombia will be new territory for him. Continue reading

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Katie Bird ’20 To Study In Amsterdam

Katie Bird ’20

By Hayden Schmidt – Jewell Rising Junior Katie Bird has one of the more exciting years coming up. The mathematics and economics major will be spending August through December of this year studying economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, by utilizing her Jewell Journey Grant. She will be spending most of her time in the economics classes but is particularly excited about the econometrics and time series classes. However, her time will not exclusively be spent on studying the allocation of scarce resources – Katie will also be taking a class that studies the history and culture of the Netherlands.

Katie’s interest in studying abroad stems from her athletic career. Like a significant number of Jewell students, Katie is a student athlete. Though she plays golf now, she recalls playing soccer with a Belgian foreign exchange student before her time here on campus. Katie and the foreign exchange student’s relationship allowed her to learn a great deal about life in Belgium. It was over this past summer that Katie began researching study abroad programs. This research lead her to the IES Abroad Amsterdam- Business and Economics program, which she felt that was a good fit for her because IES would allow her to take classes that will contribute to her major.

Katie’s opportunity will undoubtedly prove extremely beneficial to her education. The  Jewell Journey Grant program has played an integral part in making Katie’s dream of studying abroad a reality.

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New Course Introduced – “The Business of Sports”

Mr. Tyler Prochnow

By Zach Saalfeld – William Jewell College offers diverse curriculum to its students. William Jewell promotes and encourages its students to take courses outside of their discipline, in order to broaden their educational experience. When students take electives outside of their major it creates a better learning experience and promotes critical thinking. The course, “The Business of Sports” is a Business elective but can also be taken for students whom are not Business majors. Overall, students taking electives in which they have an interest captures the full college experience.

During spring semester 2018 William Jewell offered a course named “The Business of Sports”, taught by Mr. Tyler Prochnow. Mr. Prochnow has a diverse background. He previously was an attorney but is no longer practicing as he is currently a founder of the company, Think Big Partners. Think Big Partners helps entrepreneurs create game-changing companies and technologies to grow faster and more efficiently out of its Kansas City main office. In addition to this, he also previously founded and owned the Kansas City Brigade of the Arena Football League. Continue reading

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Managerial Economics Students Study Game Theory

Dr. Yuriy Bots, Professor of Economics

By Hayden Schmidt – The students of Professor Yuriy Bots are working on a project that is designed to apply the complex theories of his Managerial Economics class to real life situations. The project is centered around the concept of Game Theory, trying to rationally predict what somebody will do assuming they act in their own self interest. There are many real world applications of this theory. Any time there are two or more people faced with a decision to make Game Theory is applicable.

A common situation of Game Theory is known as Prisoner’s Dilemma, where two partners in crime are faced with the choice to confess, rat out their partner, or deny for correlated amounts of time in prison. In Dr. Bots Managerial Economics class, the students are given situations and they must work together to reasonably predict what the outcome will be.

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Accounting Grads Pursuing Master’s Degrees

By Chance Nelson – Recent graduates Katherine Watts and Jared Hobby are Jewell’s very first students to be accepted into the Masters in Accounting program at the University of Kansas as part of a new partnership between William Jewell and KU.

Recent Grad Jared Hobby

Along with being an accounting major, Jared holds a business major and is the treasurer of Kappa Alpha Order. He is also a former member of the football team and served as an intern this spring at Bev’s Tax Services while he finished up classes before graduation. During the summer, he plans to do auditing for a local accounting firm before entering graduate school. Jared was also accepted into the Masters in Accounting program at UMKC.

In speaking with Jared about the achievement, he says he is truly blessed to have had such a strong support system which has helped him along throughout his college career, and he would like to thank Professor Chris McCullick for being a great mentor, teacher and advisor.

Katherine Watts ’18

Katherine holds an accounting major but has a minor in theatre. Additionally, Katherine holds the position of Vice President and Treasurer for Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honors Society.

Both of these individuals are not only outstanding students, but also outstanding people and they deserve all the good fortune they receive. The Jewell Community wishes them the best of luck in the future and encourages the rest of its students to pursue the career of their dreams.

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Business Students Present Ideas At Duke Colloquium

By Chance Nelson – The David Nelson Duke Colloquium event is a long-standing tradition at William Jewell College, which involves student presentations from various academic departments. Students work for months researching and preparing their Duke Colloquium projects before presenting their in April.

Dr. David Nelson Duke was an esteemed theologian, teacher, scholar and religion professor at William Jewell from 1980 to 2000. As a result of his passion for life and community activism, among other achievements and qualities, Colloquium Day was named in his honor. Continue reading

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