Message From The Chair

Retiring Executive In Residence Don Huntington

This edition of Jewell Business Today comes with a bit of sadness. Don Huntington is retiring from Jewell. His influence has been deep and wide and we will greatly miss him on the hill. Don came to our department about a decade ago after retiring from business. His constant push to connect students to the Kansas City community, to engage difficult topics in the classroom and to strive for excellence has left a legacy. One student says it this way, “Professor Huntington helped me to discover who I am and help me see how that connected with the business community, he helped me find my passion and my voice.”  Another stated that “Don was constantly pushing me to the next level, he helped me see that I had it in me and he did not accept the status quo of my skill set, he made me dig deep, find out what I had and pushed me towards excellence.” Don’s impact on our department has been extensive and we will not be the same without him, but we are better because of him.  Thanks for a great decade Don! We wish you the best in this next season of life.

Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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Tenure Awarded To Accounting And Economics Professors

Dr. Chris McCullick

By Jaymes Ginn – Jewell professors Dr. Chris McCullick and Dr. Yuriy Bots were recently awarded tenure here at the college. To gain tenure is to gain a more permanent position at Jewell and shows that these professors are great fits for the vision of the college. When a professor is considered for tenure, they are examined and reviewed for the following five years of their performance at the college. It is a culmination process that is built upon for five years.

Dr. Yuriy Bots


Both Yuriy and Chris were humbled, thrilled, and proud of their tremendous accomplishment. Students of these professors have experienced their level of professionalism first hand. They both truly believe in their students and will do as much as they can to see them succeed. It is no wonder that these two excellent professors are seen as a great fit at Jewell.

When asked, Dr. McCullick states that, “Setting out a goal five years in advance and achieving it is something that does not happen very often in one’s life and is very special.” He believes that Jewell is a great place to work, and he could not ask for better colleagues or students.

Dr. Bots states that, “It is very pleasurable and exciting for such an important recognition of efforts and approval.” He is excited for both the increased integrity and increased responsibility that come with the tenure he was awarded. With that, he is ready to press forward into his next set of goals, which includes getting married! Dr. Yuriy Bots was recently engaged on November 11th and expects to be married at the end of December. In regard to both, he refers to a quote by Leonard Bernstein that states “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.”

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Nonprofit Leadership Hosts Trivia Event To Benefit Warriors Best Friend

By Kahluna Bouchard – On October 25th, The Nonprofit Leadership Association (NLA) at William Jewell held a trivia night event to raise money for Warriors Best Friend. This event was held at Rock and Run Brewery to raise awareness for the local nonprofit. This organization “provides Veterans with service dogs that have been rescued from shelters and trains them to become their best friend for life, free of charge,” stated Mikaela Papageorgiou, current President of NLA. Warriors’ Best Friend’s mission is to provide critically needed service dogs free of cost for our veterans and their families. And in doing so, WBF saves two lives in the process. The organization adopts and trains homeless canines to grant wounded soldiers the gift of greater self sufficiency through emotional and physical independence—empowering men and women to lead a free and active lifestyle. Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day Event Hosted By Pryor Leadership and Jewell Athletes

By Carson Hobby – William Jewell’s Pryor Leadership program recently held a Veteran’s Day Event on November 10th. The event occurred in the Jewell cafeteria at 8:00 A.M. with the Jewell Football Team during their pregame breakfast. The first 50 veterans and their families got into the event for free. Kevin Shaffstall, Director of Pryor Center for Leadership and Development and Jewell student, Ryan Hiatt, worked with Liberty Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4043 to get veteran speakers to participate at the event. Additionally, Post 4043 conducted the missing soldiers ceremony during the breakfast. This ceremony included a plate with a lemon on it and a jacket draped on a chair around an empty table. These symbols were used to signify the sourness of war and the men and women that were lost. Continue reading

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Women In Finance Event Hosted By Commerce Bank

By Jaymes Ginn – Recently, a Women in Finance event was hosted by Commerce Bank of Kansas City. The goal of the event was to increase awareness and knowledge of opportunities in finance for business students, with special regard to professional women. The event brought special highlight to six different career paths of women at Commerce Bank. The women at this event shared insightful knowledge about their experience, pathways, lessons, and advice for all students that attended, and encouraged them to be confident in this ever-changing world of modern business. Senior positions held by women at Commerce Bank include administrative officials, directors and officers, including Executive Vice President of Talent and Corporate Administration, Senior Vice President of Commerce Bancshares, Inc., and others. Commerce Bank holds diversity and inclusion highly in their list of core values, as well.

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Jewell Students Problem Solve With Northland CAPS

By Jaymes Ginn – Jewell students Sofia Arthurs-Shoppe and Sam Fulte recently worked with students of the Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies on Design Thinking. The workshop focused on entrepreneurial thinking and how it can increase an individual’s level of perception, creativity and innovation.

The experience provided important and valuable feedback, as well as an opportunity to work with other students at different colleges to collaborate and problem-solve together. Sam and Sofia both expressed that they learned a lot about working with new ideas on a new team and enjoyed the program.

Northland CAPS advertises a service that allows students to interface with true, real world entrepreneurial opportunities as early as high school. They provide an experience that prepares students for future college and career opportunities, are an economic engagement for the Kansas City area, are a leader of fundamental change to traditional teaching and learning and are able to proactively balance expansion of Northland CAPS while also ensuring it is affordable.

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Nonprofit Leadership Association Restarts Alpha Phi Omega Chapter

By Kahluna Bouchard – We have a lot of great programs on the hill, but the Alpha Phi Omega Chapter is not part of them. Well, that is about to change because The Nonprofit Leadership Association is restarting the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Chapter here at William Jewell in the coming year.

APO is a service organization and the single most represented co-educational intercollegiate service organization in the United States. It has been around since 1925 and has more than 470, 000 members, spanning across 375 campuses. The mission of this organization is service, friendship and leadership. Continue reading

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Pryor Leadership Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Pryor Center for Leadership Development

By Kahluna Bouchard – Saturday, October 6, 2018 was a big day on the Hill as the Pryor Leadership Studies Program celebrated its 25-year anniversary. The Pryor Program was founded by Fred Pryor and Shirley Neff Pryor, faculty and staff of the Pryor Center, and William Jewell College. This program is based on the four types of leadership – servant leadership, situation leadership, self leadership and share leadership. Fred and Mrs. Pryor graduated from Jewell in 1956, and in 1993 worked with William Jewell to lunch this program into the school’s curriculum. Students are selected by their professors for admission to this program, which has a duration of three years. The goal is to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Shirley and Fred Pryor

The celebration served as a reflection for Pryor Leader alumni as well as current students. By 9 a.m. the Pryor Leadership Center was overflowing with fellowship, laughter and catching up. This was an amazing experience for current students to mix with people who started the program years ago. Continue reading

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Business and Leadership Admissions Event – October 29

By Sawyer Granger – William Jewell, The Critical Thinking College, is exploring a new strategy to grab the attention of potential students. On Monday, October 29 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. William Jewell is hosting an admissions event for high school students. The event will showcase the business and leadership program. While mainly senior level students will be targeted, any high school student is welcome to join the showcase. Some of the ideas are subject to change after this first trial run.

This vision of William Jewell, to cultivate critical thinking, will be one of the main areas of focus. Dr. Macleod Walls will be giving an introduction at the start of the day to explain the importance of critical thinking and what this school stands for. Once this introduction concludes, our guests will have the opportunity to explore different tracks throughout the day.Students will choose three out of the seven topics of interest. The seven tracks are: as follows:

  1. Economics/Data Science
  2. Accounting
  3. Marketing
  4. DECA
  5. Innovation/UIF
  6. Business Administration and Entrepreneurship/KCUVP
  7. Nonprofit/Leadership.

Each track will consist of a 25-30 minute session that includes hands-on experience, creative cases, or integrated teamwork. Once the tracks are concluded, lunch will be provided to faculty and students. Recent alumni from different fields have been invited to discuss their careers and answer any questions potential students may have. The alums will discuss their career journey and how Jewell impacted them, experiences they encountered that may have helped them obtain their career, how their Jewell education set them apart from the crowd, and offer other advice they would give to students who are trying to decide what college is the best fit for them.

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New Executive Leadership Program Promotes Innovation

Kevin Shaffstall, Director Pryor Leadership Studies

By Kahluna Bouchard – We live in a world in which you could be working at a company and come up with a great idea, but face difficulty getting the idea implemented. Many great ideas are wasted that way. Oftentimes people are afraid to share their ideas because they don’t want their co-workers or boss to say it’s a bad idea. Beginning in January 2019 he Pryor Program is going to launch a new Executive Leadership Program, which will encourage people to feel free to share their new ideas. Professor Kevin Shaffstall, Director of the Pryor Leadership Studies Program, will lead the new program.
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Guest Speakers Engage Students During Monday BizTime Events

By Sawyer Granger – On any given Monday, Wednesday or Friday, William Jewell students are seen on the Hill during Jewell Time from 10:15 to 11:00 AM, normally clustered throughout the Prior Learning Center. This allotted gap gives students time to spend socializing with friends, studying for exams, catching up on homework, eating an early lunch or going to chapel. On Mondays in particular, students have the opportunity to join BizTime, enjoy a cup of coffee and engage with guest speakers from local businesses as they share their experiences and advice in the business world.

BizTime is located in Jewell Hall room 103; a room that is not like the others in Jewell Hall. This room is known as the IDEA X-Change, where the colors of the room are vibrant, comfortable chairs and booths fill the room and the walls are covered in white boards to encourage group work and creativity.

BizTime was started in the spring of 2013 by WJC business professor and Executive In Residence Donald Huntington. Ever since that semester, hundreds of guest speakers have volunteered their time to discuss different topics with faculty and students. This semester, senior Emma Staebell has assisted with organizing and hosting the events.

The topics discussed during BizTime are not exclusive to business majors alone, as they relate to students throughout the whole campus interested in gathering information to further their knowledge on their potential careers. This fall semester, the schedule for William Jewell’s BizTime is as follows:

September 10 – Nikki Caw, Outreach International
September 17 – Life After Jewell Job Hunting Session
September 24 – Morgan Collins, Burns&Mac
October 1 – Nathan Watts, ATI
October 8 – Life After Jewell LinkedIn Session
October 15 – Career Opportunities shared by Employers
October 22 – Jake Libby, Chief Technology Officer, TIC
October 29 – Libby Allman, Hallmark
November 5 – Career Opportunities shared by Employers
November 12 – Scott Carson, Blue Ocean
November 26 – OPEN

The Jewell community is welcome to attend any of these sessions.

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