Graduation Nears, Seniors Prepared For Challenges Ahead

As we begin to say our goodbyes to the class of 2017 we reflect on their future as Jewell alums.   These students have experienced many things in their four years at Jewell including exciting new opportunities, developing a new community of friends, facing tragedies and adapting to new environments.  As they navigated through the challenges and joys they have had to rely on mentors, family, friends and the Jewell community to grow into their role as agents of change.  They will need to rely on this community to continue to seek ways to bring unity where there is division, to bring innovation where there is stagnation, to view things through a different lens so they can recognize opportunity and to build community where individualism reigns. This group is equipped for the task at hand and we are looking forward to seeing what they do with the challenge.

Dr. Kelli Schutte
Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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Mrs. Brenda Newberry Delivers Distinguished Executive Lecture

By Christian Hunt – On March 30 the Jewell community had the opportunity to listen to former Air Force Veteran, international businesswoman, and author, Brenda Newberry as she delivered the Distinguished Executive Lecture in Business and Leadership. Mrs. Newberry has served as Vice President of MasterCard International and an adjunct for more than 20 years at Washington University, St. Louis. She was also the founder and CEO of The Newberry Group, Inc., a company specializing in cyber security, networking, and systems integration.

Mrs. Newberry is the author of Navigating Your Landscape: Finding Your Path Using a Moral Compass, in which she speaks about being an African-American woman in the business world. Continue reading

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Jewell Students Win Missouri DECA Competition, Move On To Nationals

By Christian Hunt – DECA is an international program on high school and college campuses that is developing leaders in marketing, finance, management, and hospitality. Ninety-two percent of members say they have learned how to successfully communicate thoughts and ideas as well as learn exactly what a business is looking for in a potential employee.

DECA is an important and growing organization at WJC with seventeen student-members in just its second year of operation on campus. Students Alex Blevins and Nichole Marquise founded the Jewell chapter of DECA in 2016. Both had common ground in DECA as they were former members in high school and wanted to see it come to William Jewell.

This semester has been a big one for the DECA team as ten students qualified in a total of thirteen events at the Missouri State Competition at the end of February. The students moving on to nationals are: Alex Blevins, Tanner DeVore, Jacob Dice, Jameson Howard, Kelsey Jepson, Nichole Marquis, Christian Ousnamer, Tim Posler, Ty Pratt, and Carson Trent. They will represent Jewell and the state of Missouri at the International Career Development Competition in Anaheim California. In just its second year of operation, Jewell DECA has qualified more students than the University of Missouri, University of Central Missouri, and Missouri State University.

Students interested in joining the DECA team, are invited to contact faculty sponsor Professor Shelly McVay or any of the students listed above. There are no pre-requisites besides wanting to improve critical thinking and analysis skills and competition is optional.

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Meet New Accounting Professor Ashley Minnich

Professor Ashley Minnich and Husband, Matt.

By Grace Mize – After teaching Intermediate Accounting as an adjunct during the fall 2016 semester, Ashley Minnich has started a full-time position as a professor in the Accounting Department at William Jewell. She now teaches Intermediate Accounting I, Cost Accounting, Advanced Accounting, and Accounting Information Systems.

Minnich is an alumna of William Jewell College with degrees in Accounting and ACT-In. While discussing the value of the ACT-In program, she expressed, “Some people may not think it’s very useful because it’s a general education major, but it honestly got me a lot of attention in the interview process because it set me apart.” After graduation in 2008, she moved on to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia to earn her Masters in Accounting. Continue reading

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Alum Brad Douglas Stays Connected With Students

Brad Douglas

By Gretchen Mayes – A familiar face to many students around campus is WJC alum Mr. Brad Douglas. Brad has been helping out Jewell students by teaching them how to create better LinkedIn pages and other online tips to get the job they have always dreamed of. However, what many fail to realize is the story behind the knowledge and wisdom that guides his many Biz Time talks.

Brad fell into his position as Heartland Credit Union Association President & CEO somewhat by chance. In 2006 he was asked to interview for a position on the Board of Directors for Community America Credit Union, a $2.3 billion financial intuition. Credit unions differ from regular banks in that they are owned by the people who bank there. Brad said, “I enjoy serving on boards of organizations I believe in and feel I can add value.” Continue reading

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Monday Coffee Series Brings Professionals To Campus

BizTime Coffees Every Monday, 10:15 a.m.

By AJ Naanep – Among the many presenters meeting with students during Jewell’s Monday BizTime coffees, financial planners Mike Keeton and Joe Kramer from Community America Credit Union provided an important lesson about the importance of investing early. During their presentation, Keeton and Kramer discussed how anyone who starts investing early enough can become a millionaire by the time they’re ready to retire. To summarize the figures they presented, someone who begins with an investment of $50,000 could contribute 6% of their salary into a retirement account per year, and over time that money could grow to become more than a million dollars. Another important point that they made is that someone who begins investing in their early 20’s will have a much larger account value because of the time value of money. Continue reading

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Dr. Kelli Schutte Conducts Research During Sabbatical

By Lauren Huddlestun – Dr. Kelli Schutte has been a business professor at William Jewell College since 2004 and Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership since 2009. She teaches a variety of classes in the business department including human resources, financial management and introduction to internships. Dr. Schutte loves working with her students as it is the most rewarding part of her job. She said, “I really enjoy helping students find the area of business in which they can excel.” This is an important part of the business major because it is such a broad major with many different opportunities from marketing and sales to accounting and finance, and many more. Helping students find which of these areas in their own major they like best can be a difficult task but one that Dr. Schutte takes on with pride. Continue reading

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