Marqus Moye ’16 Interns At Commerce Bank of Kansas City


Marqus Moye ’16

By Amelia Hanzlick - While some internships can mean making coffee and doing busywork, this past summer, junior accounting and psychology major Marqus Moye had the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in accounting at the Kansas City branch of Commerce Bank. Mr. Moye spent much of his time preparing information sheets, or spreads, for loan officers at the bank, among numerous other experiences. These spreads indicated whether or not a client could be approved for a loan. Many of the clients that Mr. Moye prepared spreads for were commercial clients applying for substantial loans for projects. Continue reading

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New Venture Creation

Dr. Gregg Whittaker

Dr. Gregg Whittaker

By Alan Kline - The idea of creating a product of your own and then trying to make the product a success is probably intriguing to about everyone. This is especially exciting to college students who have their whole future ahead of them. Jewell students were given this opportunity. In the spring of 2013, students in the William Jewell New Venture Creation class, taught by Professor Gregg Whittaker, were given the opportunity, funded by the Kauffman’s FastTrac Program, to pitch their ideas to angel investors. New Venture Creation is a class that helps explain how to recognize a job opportunity that most people would not catch, and then how to take steps toward turning that idea into a business. This class focuses on planting the innovative entrepreneurial mindset into the students. Continue reading

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Bookstore Convenient, On-Campus Spot For All Things Jewell

PennantBy Kelsi Ortega – New Jewell Bookstore manager Ken Reynolds and his staff are working hard to break down common misperceptions as they concentrate on providing exceptional selection, service and competitive prices to students, faculty, staff and alumni. Mr. Reynolds joined Barnes and Noble College three years ago and came to the WJC campus store in 2014. Continue reading

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Flourishing At Jewell

Kelli Schutte-2-smallAs I continue to explore the concepts of creativity and innovation I see that they are directly tied to the concept of human flourishing. As we seek to live purposefully, as we were made to live, the concept of creativity cannot be ignored or shoved aside. It is in our DNA. Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff differentiates between the utilitarian idea of “an experientially satisfying life” and the “life well lived”. He posits “the life that is both well lived and that goes well” (Woltersdorff, 2008). Creativity and innovation can transform a utilitarian view of a life of doing into a life of flourishing. There is a lot to unpack here but at the core of a liberal arts education is the idea that we live life to the fullest and flourish. We are about flourishing here at Jewell and you will find examples of that in this edition of Jewell Business Today.

Sincerely, Dr. Kelli Schutte, Chair of the Department of Business and Leadership

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Students Use Journey Grants To Study SF 49ers Marketing

San Francisco 49ers Levi's Stadium

San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium

By Ben Shinogle - Amidst the litany of Journey Grant opportunities Jewell students have available is a unique experience curated by Professor of Marketing Shelly McVay. The six-day trip scheduled for fall 2014 will allow students to explore the San Francisco 49ers operation and study the organization’s marketing strategies and the resulting interactions between the team and its audiences. The opportunity will take place from October first through sixth of next fall, and coincide with the Kansas City Chiefs game against the 49ers. Continue reading

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Technology Enhanced Learning With iPad Air

JewellVerseBy Kelsi Ortega – The fall ’14 semester will see new technology and conncetivity improvements to the William Jewell College campus. Incoming and returning students will receive an iPad Air, which will allow students and faculty to share a common platform and allow for the full utilization of the technology located in the Pryor Learning Commons. The iPads, funded from donors to the College, will open up new learning experiences for both students and faculty. The initiative will allow students to access William Jewell College’s digital material when and where they want, gain tools to enhance productivity and provide a common platform for the entire campus community. Continue reading

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Students Learn From Leaders During “BizTime” Coffees

coffee cupSpring Semester 2014 marked the third series of Department of Business and Leadership Monday morning BizTime Coffees featuring coffee and conversation with noted leaders in the fields of business, economics, accounting, leadership and entrepreneurship.  Each Monday, students gather in The IDEA X-Change in Jewell Hall to network, share their experiences and build a rich and connected community.

Shannon Oleen '04, Prof. Speaker

Shannon Oleen ’04, Prof. Speaker

Gary Bussing, Investments

Gary Bussing, Investments

Dr. Bill McCollum, U.S. Army CGSC

Dr. Bill McCollum, U.S. Army CGSC

Russ Cline, RCA Group, Inc.

Russ Cline, RCA Group, Inc.






Continue reading

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